Vitamin D and COVID19

The risk factors regarding low Vitamin D levels and fatality with COVID19 are conspicuously lining up. Low Vitamin D levels are associated with African American patients, obesity, elderly nursing home residents and seasonality.
The mechanisms for Vitamin D helping with respiratory viruses are threefold: helping the respiratory mucosa prevent infection of the virus in the lung, inducing production of virus killing cathelicidins, and helping slow down the runaway inflammatory response, ie ”cytokine storm”.
Vitamin D is actually a hormone that has important protective and immune modulation effects. The conversion of Vitamin D to its active form begins with sunlight activation in the skin. In addition, the absorption of Vitamin D requires adequate Vitamin K in the diet.The experts that look at Vitamin D discover important immune functionality, rather than just its widely known effect on calcium levels. Consideration of measurement of Vitamin D levels in all patients positive for COVID 19 seems prudent, and this blood test is widely available. It appears that daily Vitamin D and K supplementation and sunlight in high risk groups would be a low cost, low risk measure of protection for the most vulnerable patients.

So now is the time to get some sun, eat nutritious food, and take Vitamin D3 and K!

Dr.James Tobin After graduating from Georgetown Medical School in 1983, Dr. Tobin has worked for more than 25 years as a Pain physician and has progressed into Functional Medicine, working toward the root causes of chronic illnesses.

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